About A.M.S. Bakeries


  • Arturo’s Bakery – Est. since 1994
  • Milite Bakery – Est. since 2003
  • Spinella’s Bakery – Est. since 1913

Spinella’s Bakery was started by John and Matilda Spinella in New York City after arriving from Italy in 1913. Around the middle of the 1920s the bakery was moved to Waterbury Connecticut.

Since then several generations of Spinella’s have contributed to the business helping it grow and expand over the years. In 1990 Ralph Spinella Jr. became the sole owner of Spinella’s Bakery, and in 1994 he purchased Arturo’s Bakery. Over the next nine years the two bakeries would continue to grow and become known through-out new areas of the Connecticut.

By the turn of the century it was evident that Spinella and Arturo’s Bakeries had out grown their current facility and would need to move into a larger building. During the process of searching for a new facility Mr. Spinella was approached by the owner of Milite’s Bakery, who was looking to sell his business. Knowing how good of a product that Milite’s Bakery produced it was an easy decision to make for Mr. Spinella. In 2003 Mr. Spinella purchased Milite’s Bakery and moved Spinella and Arturo’s Bakeries into the current location of Milite’s Bakery.

Over the next year machinery would be moved, new freezers and ovens were installed and additional staff was hired. All to continue in growing the three bakeries. Since then A.M.S. Bakeries, LLC was formed with Arturo, Milite and Spinella becoming bread lines under the mother company A.M.S. Bakeries, LLC.

A.M.S. Bakeries started as a simple bakery that’s main purpose was to give the people a high quality product that is free of chemical additives and worthy of be served at your family’s dinner table. To this day we still strive to meet this goal and to offer a variety of different breads for any occasion you have.