A.M.S. Bakeries FAQ’s

Are nuts used within your facility?
Our facility is 100% nut free.

Can I purchase bread directly from your facility?
Yes we do take special orders from customers. If you call our facility the day before you wish to pick up your order we will be happy to work with you.

Does your company take orders for special items?
We try to accommodate all of our customers. If it is something we are able to produce we will work with you to make it.

Do you make cakes or pastries?
At this time we do not make cakes or pastries.

How do I determine the expiration date of your products in the grocery store?
Our products have the day of the week that the product will be removed from the shelf stamped on the twist tie that seals the products bag.

What is the difference between the red, blue and green labels of the Milite bread?
The coloring of the label is to distinguish the different sizes that the bread comes in. All three are the same product, the red is our large loaf. The blue is for the medium loaf, and the green is for our small loaf.

How can I find out where to buy your products?
Click Here to view all the grocery stores we currently deliver to. You can also call the bakery if you still are having trouble locating a store that carries our products.